Certosa Island

Certosa Island

We suggest to visit this small and green island where to relax and have a break, which can be easily reach by the boat ( circolare) n 4.1/4.2 from Lido or Fondamente Nuove.

history mentions : originally there were two islands separated by a channel which was filled in, around the year 1000, thus becoming a unique island. Like many of the smaller islands surrounding Venice, the Certosa at the time housed a small monastic order with the church, which was abandoned around in the XIVth cent.;  the order of the Certosini monks of Florence, moved to the island in the half of the XIVth and restructured the present church and monastery and art crafts.
With the French occupation, the monks were expelled from the island and works of art confiscated, unless a unique one that is now in the Accademia Gallery.

Later with the Austrian occupation, the island was destinated as military deposit.

For many years it was abandoned and in 2009, it was redeveloped and was built a beautiful harbor and a hotel for boaters and vacationers.

by Roberta Michieletto