Lido of Venice

Lido of Venice

Formerly the toponymic name of Lido was "LITUS", from the coast and is a 12 km long island, situated between the lagoon of Venice and the Adriatic Sea. This island is created with the transport of the seabed through the sea currents and the debris of the rivers on the side of the lagoon, becoming, throughout the history of Venice, an important protective barrier from mareggate and threats of pirates. Today the island is mostly known for the Venice Film Festival which takes place every year between late August and the first days of September. At this time the island comes alive becoming the undisputed queen of the lagoon. But the Lido is not only famous for this happening, but also for its beautiful golden beaches and the famous hotels from deco flavor, such as Hotel Excelsior and Des Bains; as well as the facades of the houses with their typical period decorations make you dream of the belle epoque.

The island of Lido is reached comfortably from Piazzale Roma and the train station with the line n 1-2 or circular lines.

A suggestion: at S.M.Elisabetta boat stop, rent a bike, the island is easily visited in a couple of hours.

Do not miss the natural areas of S.Nicoletto and Murazzi!

by Roberta Michieletto