Little guide for Venetian Shopping

Little guide for Venetian Shopping

and the trades were many such as goldsmiths, smiths, carpenters, bakers, glassmakers, lace embroiderers, etc. The names of the streets, in fact, evoke the great commercial ferment of the time, like calle degli oresi, the naransaria, calle of the botteri and stagneri. Nowadays, in Venice the Venetian craft activities or managed by Veneziani, there are very few left and I would like to dedicate an article to the last Venetians and their activities.

Here is the small Venetian shopping guide:
we start from the heart of the city, Rialto, on the side of the S.Bortolomeo square, take the busiest street in Venice, the Mercerie and a few meters on the left you will be in Calle dei Stagneri; here you will find a small Venetian corner and the real made in Italy; for women, the "4Quattro" boutique with refined and refined clothing and original shoes, followed by the "Boutique Britishness", an excelent made in Italy for men, from the classic / casual line, then the historic "Bastianello" goldsmith's shop, " Beershop ", one of the first local brewery shops; to note the Toto 'beer, a little alcoholic artichoke from Sant Erasmo island and finally the "Al Calice" restaurant, specialized in typical Venetian cuisine. In short, a quiet corner where to shop for quality and linger for a great Venetian dish.

Remaining in terms of food, which is very fashionable, and in the area, from S.Bortolomeo, taking the Calle del Fodaco dei Tedeschi and continuing along the Calle di S.Giovanni Grisostomo, at no.5778, you will find a historic food signature known in the city, the "Pastificio Rizzo". Here every day fresh pasta, tortelloni and gnocchi are made, as well as high quality products are sold for a refined and international cuisine. Great for culinary gifts, including the packaged pasta by Rizzo.

We return to S. Bartolomeo and from here we head towards the market to enter the sestiere of S. Polo and Sta Croce.
Area Rialto, under the arcades among the thousand souvenirs stalls, you can find a couple of shops where it is worth to stop, one of these is surely that of slippers from Friuli; typical "harlequin" shoes in velvet of all colors, elegant and original from Venice. Behind the Arsenale there was a district until the early '900, called the furlane (women from the Friuli region), who gathered here outdoor seating to sew velvet shoes.
After the market at the end of the Calle of Botteri  (barrels were made here), there is a small shop with a Byzantine flavor, which recalls the shops of when the Venetians were bargaining with the Orient. The shop is run by a lady from Murano and here you will find carpets, cushions, jewelery, lamps of the original Moroccan craftsmanship.

Continue to the S.Cassiano square, at the corner there is a nice flower shop "La Dogaressa". Professionals in the creation of creative and original floral arrangements. In front of it, there is a stationery/toys shop "La Cartoleria S.Cassiano" which, with the historical experience, have made and still make happy generations of children. Continuing towards Calle della Regina we find at the end on the corner, one of the most historic ovens in the city. We suggest to taste the "struzze" freshly baked and hot, a crisp and fragrant bread. Experience not to be missed! Continue to S.M.Mater Domini square, with fifteenth-century houses' facades. Note: on one of these facades you can see decorations with Middle Eastern symbols, called "patere". Turn left in Calle Longa, where you will find "Il Sogno" a shop specializing in glass and bijoux from the '20s and' 40s. Precious the glass handles that decorated the doors of the Venetian palaces.From here follow a couple of shops of local crafts, binding and iron working. At No. 2137 of Calle Longa, there is an elegant flower shop and design objects for the home, recently opened, which is called "Bottega 2137". After passing a small calle and one of the many crooked bridges, we continue straight and immediately to the right you will find a refined jeweler's shop, run by two Venetians who are also the creators of original design models. Turning left there is a small fashion boutique "Nico" which proposes ready casual and refined fashion to be completed with colored glass necklaces. Afterwards we find one of the last haberdies, which from the furniture to the management is stop in time, and has remained unchanged since the 60s. We continue to the Campo of the Frari and in the campiello S.Rocco we find a florist and to follow a small and refined "Nina" boutique that has always offered high fashion collections and quality accessories with a classic but refined touch. In S.Pantalon street, instead we meet two other interesting shops one at 3856 the "21Venice" boutique of quality fashion and fun and original accessories, for a casual /refined clothing; immediately after a shop of colorful designer rubber shoes and boots called "Acqua Marea".

Roberta Michieletto