Small Guide

Small Guide

Venice is known throughout the world as the city on the water, a masterpiece of engineering, architecture, and concentrate of artistic beauty, but no one knows his true soul like a Venetian. The many tourists who pass by each year, do not have time to stop and admire the details that open up a world on the beautiful surface and on what was and still is the daily life of the city. And what's more immediate everyday life and its inhabitants to understand the origin of a civilization?
So come with us we will see with the eyes of the Venetians their beloved city.

Most of Venetians has gone to town more comfortable and less expensive ... maybe even healthier.

Those who do not are left, they love Venice and do not want to live in other cities. I must also say that to be born in such a beautiful city you have a "spoiled eye" by so many precious art froms starting from an early age, that the Venetian realizes he's a privileged! So when he is around the world, you can hear such a comment in front of an archaeological site "quatro piere !!" ti vol meter Venesia !! " ( we came to here to watch four simple stones..!!)

How many are the Venetians: according to the latest statistics more or less we should be about 50 thousand including the islands ... .so few examples. Most has gone to towns more comfortable and less expensive ... maybe even healthier.

We also must say that the Venetian has an attitude of one who knows a lot, from the humblest to the most noble! " It can not be otherwise",  the Venetian thinks, after such a long history "de mar e de tera" (on the sea and land). It's surly true, historically the imprinting of big trade with all the world for centuries, makes the Venetian an expert in dealing and the difficulties of surviving in a reality like Venice, makes him an expert of living. He is so proud to have such imprinting that they can not help it! Sometimes the Venetian is very stressed by the crowded streets and he can be unkind, but Venice is a very delicate city, and he tryies to protect his city, which is often unrespect.

Once the Venetians less stressed by the crowds of tourists, they were courteous and were open to foreigners, but now they are few and no longer able to defend their space. This makes them nervous and not very tolerant. But try in a quite corner of the city to ask a Venetian a historical information as well as the way to go. You will find yourself in front of the person more willing to spend his time with you and happy to open up the gate of his knowledge. 

How to recognize a Venetian: about Venice is important to understand that even if there is no cars' traffic, it is not only a pedestrian island, even if the rest of the world, the absence of cars is equal to the pedestrian zone, in Venice even if imperceptible there is a "traffic order" and the order has to hold the right. Why you will ask?

Because all the work is done on foot, carring or pulling carts with goods to reach the place of delivery, exactly as in the other cities of the world, but just everything carried with arms and all by feet. Imagine then, how much can interfere with the speed and timeliness a continuous human traffic jam. The Venetian, not only works and hand-delivered the goods after being deposited in the various banks from the boats, but the Venetians carries by hand the daily shopping from the few markets left in the city.

That's why a bad traffic or a lot of confusion of walking people involves a continuous delay of the nature trails and that s why it is important to respect the right. This does not imply a strict rule, but respect, it definitely helps the locals. 

The boat stops : here too there is an order to be respected, to remain inside the water-bus stop and not occupy the exit and entry areas . Although not reported, as in all public transport ( bus, train), to leave free the exit areas is very important expecially for the safety.

by Roberta Michieletto